Rural Community Sustainability

Rural Community Sustainability
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Rural Community Sustainability

SS 4390:  Seminar in Sustainability Issues



Do you ever wonder why some rural communities thrive while others seem to steadily fall apart?
Can artists and art tours make a difference?  

This class will address issues of rural community sustainability from environmental, social, cultural and economic perspectives.  General concepts will be applied to understand the case community of Calumet, Michigan.  Working together with Main Street Calumet (a community organization), the class will follow community engaged scholarship principles. Students will work directly with the community to conduct a research project aimed at improving community life in Calumet.  In the process, students will get research experience while making a difference in the community. Advanced undergraduates and graduate students welcome.  Class size is limited. Contact Professor Richelle Winkler ( with questions.  See the syllabus here4390_syllabus.pdf

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